Birchotan charcoal

Not all charcoal
created equal

Our approach to charcoal making is unique. When many others use left-over wood, we begin with the finest quality arctic birch we can find. And every step moving forward is focused on making the end product the best it possibly can be, without taking shortcuts.

We chose to call our charcoal Birchotan, honoring the masters who make Japanese Binchotan. To us, their attention to detail serves as a great inspiration.

And with our heritage in charcoal going back nearly 350 years we firmly believe we can create the best charcoal in the world.

We hope that you will join us for our journey.

Performing to
the highest standards

Long lasting heat, and a flavor profile that enhances rather than overpowers the food.
Birchotan is used daily in some of the best restaurants in Northern Europe, in a wide variety of equipment.


Sustainable in every step

From the locally sourced Birch wood we use, to running  the charcoal making process on electricity generated by our own solar panels. For us, sustainability is at the core of creating Birchotan.

The whole manufacturing process, from cutting the birch wood, to packaging, takes place at our farm in Kurkkio, in the Arctic region of Sweden.

Purchasing Birchotan

We offer single boxes to customers in Sweden through our web shop. Restaurants and resellers interested in working with Birchotan are kindly requested to contact us for availability and more information.